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An In-Depth Discussion Of The New Air Conditioner Installation Process

Air conditioning units are just one of the expensive investments you’ll make to make. That’s why it’s important to learn more about how it’s going to be set up since the way the AC is being installed can significantly affect the system’s lifespan and efficiency.

So take time to read further as we are going to give an in-depth discussion of the new air conditioner installation process in today’s post.


How Is AC Installation Being Done?

Normally, the installation process of a new air conditioner is something that should be handled by a professional. But as a homeowner, it pays to know more about this process because believe it or not some HVAC companies are surprisingly unfamiliar with the steps involved in the installation unless you are going to choose a company with proven experience in this type of service like D’s Acadian Heating And Repair.

So it would best to be informed with the proper way of installing a new AC yourself to avoid cutting corners:

  1. Collecting Information And Doing An Estimate

An estimator from the HVAC Company will come over for an initial visit. And during this point, the estimator will collect all the necessary information so they can provide a proposal according to your home’s air conditioning needs. All the details gathered will be passed on to the company’s installation team.

  1. Arrival Of The Installation Team

Before the team arrives, the HVAC Company will call or send a text to inform you that they’re already on the way. This is to ensure that you’ll be informed about the team’s arrival and won’t be letting anyone else that’s you’re not expecting.

Then, the lead installer will share the job information and other necessary details to set the right expectations. And when everything’s settled, the team will now begin the installation process by turning off the gas and electricity of the current AC unit.

  1. Removal Of The Old AC

The team will now proceed by removing the refrigerant carefully so it won’t be released into the air as per EPA standards. After that, the team will have to disconnect the “whip” or the flexible electric conduit that supplies power to the AC unit. The circuit breaker is turned off to ensure no electricity is running in the system during the service disconnect.

And the law requires every member of the team to have an EPA certification to ensure everybody is safe.

  1. Preparing the location where the new AC system is to be placed.

  2. Removal of the evaporator coil from the old air conditioning unit.

  3. Removal of the copper refrigerant lines or line set from the old air conditioning unit.

  4. Installing the new evaporator coil (indoor).

  5. Installing the new refrigerant lines.

  6. Setting up the new AC condenser.

  7. Installation of the filter dryer.

  8. Installation of the new low and high voltage wiring.

  9. Condense drain line installation

  10. Startup commissioning process

  11. Closing process and clean up


And there you have it, the steps in installing a new AC system in your home.

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