Year 4 Curriculum

Semester One -                       Electrical Motor Controls II


Electric Motor Controls II - expands the student knowledge of Electric Motor Controls I to: power distribution systems and phase-loss monitors, solid-state relays, timing relays-on-delay, interval and recycle, off-delay, on-shot and multi-function, counters and sensors, motor starting methods, motor drives-accelerating and decelerating, introduction to programmable controllers, energy  management and building automation, fire suppression systems, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting, safety.

Once again, the student will show their knowledge in several different applications to the instructor.


Semester Two -                       NEC Code Review


NEC Code Review - is a review of the NEC - Introduction, definitions and boxes, cables and underground installations, raceways and conductors, dwelling units, services, commercial installations, hazardous locations, health care facilities, occupancies and special equipment, industrial services, transformers, motors and power quality, service and load calculations.  It engages in an introduction and overview of - fire alarm systems and voice/data/video, safety.