Year 4 Curriculum

401 Energized Electrical Work Relative to NFPA 70E

402 Power Distribution Systems and Phase-Loss Monitors

403 Solid-State Relays and Phase-Loss Lab

404 Timing Relays: On-Delay, Interval, and Recycle

405 Timing Relays: Practical Application of On-Delay, Recycle, and Interval Timers (Stop Light)

406 Timing Relays: Off-Delay, One-Shot, and Multifunction

407 Timing Relays: Practical Application of Off-Delay, One-Shot, and Multifunction Timers (Lubricating Oil Pump)

408 Counters and Sensors

409 Mid-Term Review and Exam

410 Motor Starting Methods

411 Motor Drives — Accelerating and Decelerating Methods

412 Introduction to Programmable Controllers

413 Advanced Lab — Automatic Car Wash

414 Energy Management and Building Automation Including Latching Relays

415 Fire Suppression Systems and Advanced Lab

416 Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting

417 First Semester Exam Review

418 First Semester Final Exam

419 Introduction, Definitions, and Boxes

420 Cables and Underground Installations

421 Raceways and Conductors

422 Dwelling Units: General Provisions

423 Dwelling Units: Specific Provisions

424 Services: Equipment, Working Space, Grounding & Bonding

425 Commercial Installations

426 Hazardous Locations and Health Care Facilities

427 Mid-Term Review and Exam

428 Miscellaneous Occupancies and Special Equipment

429 Industrial Services, Transformers, and Feeder Taps

430 Motors and Power Quality

431 Service and Load Calculations

432 BCES Application

433 Fire Alarm Systems – Introduction and Overview

434 Voice/Data/Video—Introduction and Overview

435 Final Exam Review

436 Second Semester Final Exam

Y4 Annex V Common Voltage Systems