Year 3 Curriculum

301 Practical Guide to OSHA and NFPA 70E

302 Introduction to Grounding and Bonding

303 General Requirements for Grounding and Bonding

304 System Grounding: Grounded Conductors, Systems Required to be Grounded, and Systems Not Permitted to be Grounded

305 System Grounding: Separately Derived Systems, Main Bonding Jumpers, and System Bonding Jumpers

306 Grounding Electrode Systems and Grounding Electrode Conductors

307 Line-Side and Load-Side Bonding

308 Equipment Grounding and Equipment Grounding Conductors

309 Grounding of Specific Equipment & Conditions

310 First Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam

311 Printreading: Project Design, Development, and Specifications

312 Printreading: Site, Civil, Survey, and Structural Drawings

313 Printreading: Architectural Drawings — Lines, Dimensions, and Wall Types

314 Printreading: Architectural Drawings — Schedules, Details, and Coordination

315 Printreading: “MEP”, “M”, “E”, and “P” Drawings

316 Leadership: Foreman Training

317 First Semester Exam Review

318 First Semester Exam

319 Test Instruments and Test Instrument Safety

320 Toggle Switch, Push Button, and Basic Load Symbols — Introduction to Ladder Diagrams

321 Introduction to Contactors and Relays

322 Applications Using Contactors and Relays

323 Manual and Automatic Control Devices

324 Ladder Diagram Applications

325 Automatic-Control Practical Applications

326 Magnetic Motor Starters

327 Magnetic Motor Starters and Pilot Devices: Practical- Application Emphasis on Holding Contacts

328 Second Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam

329 Motor Overload Protection, Motor Power Connection, and Practice Scenarios

330 Magnetic Motor Starters: Practical-Application Emphasis on Overload Protection

331 Motor Reversing: Controllers and Connections

332 Magnetic Motor Starters: Practical-Application Emphasis on Reversing Motors

333 Latching Relays, Alternating Relays, and Jogging Circuits

334 Magnetic Motor Starters: Practical-Application Emphasis on Multimotor Equipment

335 Second Semester Final Exam Review

336 Second Semester Final Exam