Year 3 Curriculum

Semester One             Electrical Grounding & Bonding and Printreading


Electrical Grounding & Bonding - covers the National Electrical Code for Electrical Grounding and Bonding based on the following:  General Requirements, System Grounding - grounded conductors, systems required to be grounded and systems not permitted to be grounded, separately derived systems, main and system bonding jumpers.  Grounding electrode systems and conductors.  Line-Side and Load-Side Bonding.  Equipment Grounding and Equipment Grounding Conductors.  Grounding of Specific Equipment and Conditions, safety. Printreading - provides the basics and concept of reading a project specification book and relating it to the plans provided for an actual building of a school.  Plans reviewed are: site, civil, survey, structural, lines, dimensions, wall types, schedules, details, coordination, MEP, M, E, and P drawings.  Included is one lesson on Leadership Training, safety.


Semester Two             Electrical Motor Controls I


Electrical Motor Controls I  covers the basics concepts of the following: Test Instruments and Safety, Introduction to ladder diagrams, applications using contactors and relays, manual and automatic control devices, ladder diagram application, automatic control application, magnetic motor starters and pilot devices, motor overload protection, motor power connection, magnetic motor starters on overload protection, motor reversing - controllers and connections, latching relays, alternating relays and jogging circuits, safety.


Students will show their knowledge of several practical application requirements to the instructor.