Year 2 Curriculum

201 NEC® Scope, Definitions, Working Spaces, and Branch Circuits; Hazardous Locations; Common Voltage Systems

202 Service Calculations, and Class 1 Installations

203 Services, and Class 2 Installations

204 Conductor and Overcurrent Protection; Class 3 Installations

205 Grounding Terminology, Equipment Grounding Conductors and Commercial Garage Installations

206 Grounding Electrode System, Main Bonding Jumper and Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities

207 Ohm’s Law Review, Article 300, Aircraft Hangar, and Bulk Storage Facilities

208 Conduit Fill, Box Fill, Pull Box Sizing, Raceway and Cable Support; Spray Applications

209 First Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam

210 Switches, Switchboards, and Panelboards and Health Care Facilities

211 Flexible Cords, Luminaires, Appliances and Health Care Facilities

212 Introduction to AC Theory and Places of Assembly

213 AC Theory – Inductive and Capacitive Reactance: Miscellaneous Buildings

214 AC Theory – Impedance and Power Factor: Temporary Installation

215 Single-Phase Transformers: Introduction, Types and Applications, Single-Voltage Calculations and Connections

216 Single-Phase Transformers: Dual-Voltage Calculation and Connections, and Fault-Current and Code Calculations

217 First Semester Exam Review

218 First Semester Exam

219 Three-Phase Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution; Introduction to Three-Phase Ohm’s Law

220 3Ø Transformers: Delta-Delta

221 3Ø Transformers: Delta-Wye

222 Non-Linear Loads: 3Ø Fault Currents and Voltage Drop

223 Transformers: NEC® Requirements

224 Buck-Boost Transformers: Single- and Three-Phase, Connections and Applications

225 Buck-Boost Transformers: Calculations and Selection

226 Generators, Transfer Switches, and Emergency Systems

227 Second Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam

228 Electric Motors: DC and AC Single-Phase

229 Electric Motors: Polyphase

230 Motors: General Knowledge and Sizing Branch Circuit Conductors

231 Motor Branch Circuit Overcurrent Protective Devices: Short Circuit and Grounding Fault Protection

232 Motor: Overload Protection, Disconnects, Starters and EGC

233 Locked Rotor Current and Phase Loss for Motors; A/C and Refrigeration Equipment; Fire Pumps

234 Motor Feeder Conductors, OCPDs, and Tap Conductors

235 Final Exam Review

236 Final Exam