Year 1 Curriculum

101: Orientation and Basic Principles

102: Tools, Fasteners, and Knots

103: Introduction to Safety, Navigating the NEC® and EWR Plans

104: Introduction to Electric Charges and Basic Math

105: Applied Math, Circuit Theory, Plans & Specs

106: Applied Math, Ohm’s Law, Electrical Symbols, Boxes, and Box Fill

107: Conduit Bending

108: Dwelling Circuit Requirements, Outlet Locations, and General Lighting Load

109: Conductor Types, Ampacity, Overcurrent Protection, Type NM Cables, and Common Voltage Systems

110: Voltage Drop, Cable, Conduit, and Tubing

111: First Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam

112: Conductor Terminology, Switches, and Receptacles

113: GFCI, AFCI, and Other Special-Purpose Receptacles

114: Luminaires (Lighting Fixtures)

115: Box Fill and Introduction to Series Circuits (Front Bedroom)

116: Box Sizing and Series Circuits (Master Bedroom)

117: Lighting and Small Appliance Branch Circuits

118: First Semester Final Exam

119: Track Lighting, Dimmers, and Introduction to Parallel Circuits (Living Room)

120: Laundry and Bathroom Receptacles and Parallel Circuits

121: Garage and Garage Door Circuits, Underground Installations, and Parallel Circuit Calculations

122: Appliance and Special Purpose Outlets

123: Ranges, Ovens, Counter-Mounting Cooking Units, and Other Kitchen Appliances; Equipment Grounding Conductors

124: Bathrooms, Exhaust Fans, and Hydromassage Tubs

125: Heating and Air Conditioning

126: Residential Limited Energy Systems

127: Second Semester Mid-Term Review and Exam

128: Multiwire Branch Circuits and Introduction to Combination Circuits (Recreation Room)

129: Combination Circuits, Conductor Ampacity Correction, and Conduit Fill (Workshop)

130: Services and Service Equipment, and Cost of Electrical Power

131: Grounding and Bonding, Specialty Tools

132: Overcurrent Protection and Circuit Conditions

133: Service Entrance Calculations

134: Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs

135: Home Automation, Standby Power, and Photovoltaic Systems

136: Second Semester Final Exam

Y1 Annex V Common Voltage Systems