Year 2 Curriculum

Semester One -                       Electrical Systems I


Electrical Systems I builds on the knowledge acquired in Electrical Wiring I & II and expands into the National Electrical Code. It covers the following: NEC scope, definitions, service calculations, class 1, 2 and 3 installations, services, conductor and overcurrent protection, equipment grounding conductors, grounding electrode system, bonding jumper, Ohm's Law review, article 300, conduit and box fill, raceway and cable support, switches, switchboards and panelboards, health care facilities, single-phase transformers, single and dual voltage calculations and connections, safety, AC Theory - inductive and capacitive reactance, impedance and power factor.




Semester Two             Electrical Systems II


Electrical Systems II - continues to cover the National Electrical Code as it pertains to:

Three-phase power generation and three-phase Ohm's Law, three-phase transformers: delta-delta & delta-wye, three-phase fault currents, and voltage crop, buck-boost transformers, generators transfer switches and emergency systems. Electric motors - DC and AC single-phase and polyphase, sizing branch circuit conductors, overcurrent protective devices, short circuit, and grounding fault protection.  Motor feeder conductors, OCPD and tap conductors, safety. The student will show their knowledge in winding a DC motor.